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OmeTV - Sweden Random Video Chat

What is Ome TV-Sweden Online Chat?

A website that randomly connects randomly people in Sweden using their webcams.

How to start random chat in Sweden?

You can start new random chats by clicking the ‘Start Chat’ button on the page.

What are the rules we must follow in OmeTV?

We don’t have too many rules, just;

-You cannot appear naked on the screen.
-You should talk to people respectfully.

Mobile Application For Online Chatting

OmeTV Country Online Video Chat:

One of the most fun features of a random chat is Chat with Countries, which allows you, our dear users, to make new friends from Sweden. Meet strangers at any time of the day by joining the online chat. If you want to make friends from a specific country, you should use the Ometv countries filter option.

Countries How the Filter Option Works?

ometv country filter

The random video chat, which is actually anonymous, is constantly evolving and changing according to the demands of the users. In line with the expectations of chat lovers, we have implemented the country filter feature. You will need to select a country to randomly meet people from a particular country.

The system then divides users into groups according to the countries to which they connect. Online users will randomly start to match you from the destination country. As can be seen, the use is based on a very simple fact. However, this process is very fast. Thus, we gave anonymous chat a new search feature.
Your personal information and your location are never recorded. Thus, no data to be shared with third parties is kept. The system instantly tracks and matches online contacts. You can continue chatting anonymously using the Countries filter option.

Countries How to Use the Filter Option?

ometv countries filter flags option

On our web page there are flags and names of countries. You can choose from these flags by connecting from your mobile device or PC.

Or you can start chatting with the ‘start’ button. You can select or change a country at any time from the ‘countries’ box at the bottom of the chat screen. Select the Swedish flag and start making new Swedish friends online.

ometv start chat button

We would like to point out that we appreciate your criticism or suggestions and we have an understanding of improving ourselves in this direction. Please share your feedback with us on the contact form.

Make new friends by choosing your country and language.

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